Language Support for Vaccines

We have supported you throughout the pandemic and
will continue to do so as vaccine distribution progresses.

Language support for vaccines

Alongside medical professionals, first responders and government officials, MasterWord has supported you throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so as vaccine distribution progresses. We stand with you in communicating to all your audience equally, ensuring that crucial information is available to everyone who needs it. Whether it’s communicating instructions to a patient, or helping someone understand risks via a brochure, we’re here to respond to your language support needs as the world continues to navigate through the pandemic and the efforts being made to end it. 




Language Support for Vaccine Production, Distribution, and Vaccination

Translation & Localization

Our team commits to meeting your translation and localization needs during the COVID-19 outbreak and vaccination developments by adapting our human resources, production processes and language technology capabilities to help you achieve the required quality in a cost-effective timeframe. 

Interpreting Services

Our team is ready to support areas that really benefit from onsite interpreters. However, to accommodate social distancing measures and ensure effective communication, we now offer virtual interpreting services via popular video conferencing platforms, as well as traditional Over-the-Phone and Video Remote Interpreting.

Content Governance

Without a doubt, the pandemic has affected the world regardless of locale. MasterWord enables companies to consider and implement localization as part of their content strategy to ensure the most effective means of communicating the right message, to the right people, at the right time. 

Training & Assessments

We provide courses and training so that providers and staff stay compliant and culturally appropriate while interacting with patients, especially with as sensitive of an issue as vaccination.

Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing

We recognize that each encounter is unique in its cultural and linguistic demands. We actively customize service provisions to achieve effective communication access to the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and DeafBlind community.

Voice Technology

MasterWord offers fast and budget-friendly options for voiceovers in situations where reception and understanding is amplified by communicating in the native language of your audience. 

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