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Are you looking to start your career in the language services industry? Want to know what it takes to be a professional interpreter or translator? Interested in joining MasterWord’s global network of freelance language professionals and related specialists? We are always looking for talented multilingual individuals and invite you to visit our career page for more information.

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If you are already a valuable member of MasterWord’s network of language professionals, the Provider Resources page is your one-stop reference for frequently asked questions and important reminders. Looking for continuing education and professional development opportunities? Need to securely send immunization record(s) or other documentation to add to your provider record?

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For Language ProfessionalsGeneralTranslationUncategorized
December 6, 2017

Four Things I Learned Translating Mexican Law

I have had many academic and professional opportunities to translate difficult texts, however, no other project that I have ever worked on can compare to the first time I translated...
For Language Professionals
October 17, 2017

Freelancing in the Language Industry: Setting your Rate

Whether you are new to the industry as a whole or simply new to an area, one of the most challenging tasks is setting your rate(s). Most of us can...


breakfast-grains-tea-magazine-table Wellness Connection NutritionWellness Connection Tools
June 8, 2017

Language professionals, do you eat with distractions?

Have you ever eaten your lunch while translating a document or driving to your next assignment? You start with a sandwich, then you grab a bag of chips, and the...
woman-meditating-nature-lake-trees Wellness Connection BodyWellness Connection Tools
May 3, 2017

“I can’t meditate!” If you’ve ever said or thought this, this article is for you.

One of my most valuable yoga lessons came from a beginner class, where the instructor said to all the First-Time Yogis, "When I hear people say, 'I can't do yoga,'...