In addition to its status as a leading provider of language services across the business spectrum, MasterWord is proud to bring its trademark high level of performance to the public sector with our government language solutions.

Many government entities, including health and human services agencies, have relied on MasterWord to provide comprehensive and transparent language solutions in support of their respective missions. MasterWord meets the official federal criteria for a woman-owned business.

With experience addressing the needs of clients of every age, social status, cultural background and educational level, MasterWord is able to translate with recognition of cultural nuance and extensive command of specialized vocabulary, from colloquialisms and slang to complicated legal terminology. MasterWord has the best resources to support translation in every setting.

In addition to providing meeting (consecutive) interpretation, MasterWord Service also provides conference (simultaneous) interpretation support including all necessary equipment, on-site technical personnel, qualified professional interpreters, and  on-site project management.

Translation & Localization

  • Legal translation
  • Medical translation
  • Financial translation
  • Case history translation
  • Treatment plan translation
  • Cultural consultation and verification
  • Multilingual desktop publishing and graphics support
  • Terminology and content management
  • Website localization

Spoken & ASL Interpreting

Training & Development

  • How to work with an interpreter
  • Language instruction
  • How to create documents for multiple languages
  • How to create documents for international markets
  • Cultural competency training
  • Language Proficiency Assessments for bilingual staff
  • Interpreter Assessments for interim interpreters

Staffing Support

  • Department outsourcing
  • Linguistic fluency assessments
  • Translation/language team recruiting and staffing
  • Administrative personnel recruiting and staffing