Translators and Interpreters Viral Video

By June 15, 2012Uncategorized

Ready for your ten seconds of fame? Jost Zetzsche and Nataly Kelly, the authors of Found in Translation, are making a video … starring you! They figured that translators and interpreters deserve their own viral video, so they decided to create one. They’re inviting us to help create this video that will lift up our profession – and show off our work in the process!

Here’s how it works: Simply record a brief (ideally, less than ten-second) digital video of yourself. If you’re a translator, hold up a sign that says “I am a translator” in any language other than English. If you’re an interpreter, speak the words, “I am an interpreter” in any language other than English. Teams and groups are highly encouraged to participate.

Visit!video|c22xi for specific instructions on filming and uploading your video. And don’t wait long – the deadline is July 1, 2012.

Jost and Nataly aren’t revealing their master plan for the video just yet, but they promise that you’ll want to send it to everyone you know. They’re convinced that the video – and their book  – will help shine a light on what we do as translators and interpreters.

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