Texas Medical Center Honoring Richard Wainerdi

By June 29, 2012In the News

MasterWord actively works with the hospitals, physicians, educational, and research institutions in the Texas Medical Center providing translation and interpretation in a wide variety of languages.  The Texas Medical Center is the largest medical complex in the world and serves over 7 million patients a year while employing over 92,000 people.

The Greater Houston Partnership honored the retiring President and CEO of the Texas Medical Center, Dr. Richard Wainerdi yesterday at an event that MasterWord participated. The Greater Houston Partnership’s principal objective is to “build regional economic prosperity.” As a member of the Houston community, MasterWord actively supports the strategic opportunities in which GHP offers.

A great book to read providing a fascinating history of the Texas Medical Center is “Monroe Dunaway Anderson, His Legacy” by N. Don Macon.

Collage of event