New Year’s Day Celebrations

By January 3, 2012Behind the Scenes

With that special moment, the dawning of a new year, all the differences that work to divide people fade into the background. There is a mutual joy to embrace this progression of time with promises of a better tomorrow. Elaborate customs, vibrant colors and exotic foods are all around us to spread the happiness that another year has come and gone.

MasterWord joins in this delightful movement by sharing with you how New Year’s Day is celebrated around the globe. May you take a moment to be thankful for the achievements of the past year, your loved ones, and optimism that the Year 2012 brings!

New Year in Moscow, Russia

New Year in Beirut, Lebanon

New Year in The Bahamas

New Year in London, UK

New Year in Hawaii, US

New Year in Syndney, Australia

New Year in Singapore, Asia