The Ideal Translator: An Agency Perspective

The Ideal Translator: An Agency Perspective

Translators require several specialized skills; however, even the most qualified translators can find themselves without work at times.  So what makes translation agencies and project coordinators choose one translator over another who is equally qualified?

We posed this question to our expert Project Coordinators within our Translation Department and listed the top five characteristics, other than accuracy, that will lead them to choose one translator over another.

Attention to detail

“Projects are normally reviewed by an editor and a proofreader after the initial translation, and we often find that even the most skilled translators will miss numbers, proper names, and other details. However, a translator who is meticulously detail-oriented, sets herself apart.”

Pride in your work

“The quality of a translation and our relationship with the translator is always better when the translator considers his work his craft.”


“As a project coordinator, I can be managing the translation of hundreds of thousands of words simultaneously, which makes prompt delivery of translations very important to me.”


“It really helps me build a relationship of trust with translators when their quality and service are consistent and dependable.”


“As project coordinators we are always faced with urgent translation requests that are required at a moment’s notice around the clock. Knowing that someone is available helps alleviate some of the pressure.”

Having a good idea of the additional qualities that your agencies are looking for can help us set ourselves apart from your colleagues.