Easter Around the World

By March 29, 2013General

Easter is just around the corner, and preparations are beginning around the world. In the U.S. it involves the arrival of pastel colors decorating the stores and streets, egg hunts, chocolate candies, and bunnies. How does the rest of the world celebrate Easter?

Five ways Easter is celebrated differently around the world:

1. Mexico

True to its nature, Mexico is a place of lively festivities and holidays. Around the country, the celebrating starts during the week before Lent. Easter’s celebrations involve a bit more energy than simply egg hunting for the kids. One interesting tradition is for children to smash paper filled eggs on each other’s heads!  The confetti-filled eggs are called “cascarones.”

Easter eggs

2. France

There are many interesting Easter customs in France, and one of them is the focus on chocolate or candy birds as opposed to bunnies which are more common here in the U.S. The possible reasoning behind this may be that Easter eggs are thought of as birds’ eggs which symbolize the rebirth of life in the spring season. Additionally, in a southwestern town of France called Haux, the Easter egg tradition is quite literally taken to massive proportions. Annually, the chefs of Haux cook an omelet large enough to feed the entire town in the main square.

French omelet

(Photo courtesy of Epicurious/ AFP/Getty Images)

3. Australia

Similar to France, bunnies are not used as an iconic figure during this holiday either because they are typically thought of as garden pests. Instead, Australian children receive their chocolates from the Easter Bilby (as shown below). This creature is an endangered rodent with rabbit-like ears. Furthermore, the biggest eating event of Easter revolves around Shrove Tuesday also known as Pancake Tuesday where an abundance of pancakes is eaten.

Austrailian chocolate

(Photo courtesy of Epicurious/Gourmet’s Studios (left); Ondrej Jób (right))

4. Philippines

For those staying in the country during the Easter holiday rather than vacationing, there are plenty of celebration options. The festivities during Easter are heavily tied to eating in the Philippines. The list of things to do for Easter often includes hotels and restaurants hosting big events with fancy food dishes and activities for adults to enjoy. In Manila, Catholic Filipinos can walk the streets to enjoy festivals including stilt walkers, magic acts, game machines, and much more.

Philippines Easter

(Photo courtesy of: The Telegraph/AFP/GETTY)

5. Rome

While in Rome for Easter, one of the many important Holy Week activities is the Pope’s yearly Easter address. Tens of thousands of people congregate at St. Peter’s square to hear and witness the event each year. The international crowd comes from all over the world making this destination the sixth most booked travel destination in the world during the Easter holiday.



Sunday Mass in Rome

(Photo courtesy of: Torontozupa.com)