Since 1993

250+ Languages

13,500+ Linguists

About MasterWord

At MasterWord, we help companies to operate globally in whatever language that may be. We help you communicate with your employees, your clients, and your target markets.

We are the fastest growing woman-owned Language Service Provider in the world, having spent the last 30 years growing the reach and impact of Fortune 500 companies and public institutions across energy and engineering, healthcare, life sciences, government, technology, insurance, finance, and education. Along with them, you can trust us with your most complex, culturally sensitive, confidential, and urgent translation, localization, and interpreting projects.

Our diverse team of industry experts and network of high-quality language experts work daily to tailor solutions with in-person and remote services in over 250 languages to your exact criteria.

How can we help you?

MasterWord is a woman-owned business founded in 1993 providing translation, localization, spoken and sign language interpreting, translator and interpreter training and assessments, cultural competency training, and other language support services to enable language access and ensure success of international organizations, projects, and initiatives in over 250 languages with 120 full-time staff and 13,500+ language professionals.

Supporting the world’s leading energy, engineering, finance, healthcare, government, insurance and non-profit organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, MasterWord’s strength lies in discovering our clients’ unique challenges and tailoring custom solutions for success. In 2016, MasterWord was ranked as Top 50 Globally and Top 14 North American largest language services provider by Common Sense Advisory.

MasterWord is committed to Quality Management and has been certified to conformance with the International Organization for Standardization: ISO 9001:2015 certified (Quality Management), ISO 13611:2014 certified (Community Interpreting), and ISO 17100:2015 certified (Translation services).

Our Mission Statement

Connecting People Across Language and Culture®

True to its mission of Connecting People Across Language and Culture®, MasterWord helps transcend cultural and linguistic barriers by doing business with heart, innovation, excellence and integrity. We are solutions driven and employee focused. We work hard and have fun doing it! 

Our Vision

Enable language and communication access and ensure success of multinational and multicultural organizations, projects, and initiatives.

MasterWord combines the best in human talent and language technology to connect people across language and culture. We enable language and communication access and ensure success of multinational and multicultural organizations, projects, and initiatives.

5Ps New
Our Quality POilicy

MasterWord's Commitment to Quality

MasterWord is dedicated to providing consistent and sustainable customer value and satisfaction in our services. This commitment is the foundation of our company and is fully embedded in our mission and core values. We achieve this through 5-Principles:

We have created a trusted brand by delivering on our guarantees through quality assurance audits, transparent processes, communication, and feedback mechanisms. We achieve customer satisfaction through consistent, reliable and professional services.

We guarantee on time, accurate, defect free, compliant services and deliverables through employing only qualified talent and using the latest in technology and proven processes.

We are committed to continual improvement and delivering value through exploring and implementing new and more efficient processes, innovative solutions and technology advancements while maintaining agile models to course-adjust to any need.

The financial soundness of our business model demonstrates our accountability and professional commitment to our customers, employees, and other stakeholders. As a socially responsible company, we create economic opportunities and give back to our employees and our community.

We deliver efficacy and productivity through in-depth knowledge of systems and processes. We uphold industry standards and best practices.

MasterWord’s Values & Core Competencies

Doing Business
with Heart

Doing Business
with Heart

We make an impact in our communities and the world.  We uphold social values and support volunteering, giving back, and advocacy. We love what we do, and our customers know it. 



Our team is empowered to achieve the desired results. With our collaborative approach, we meet and exceed our customers’ needs and requirements.  



We embrace the latest in technology. Our team is continuously exploring new and more efficient ways to deliver value.  We believe that customer-focused pioneering and innovation is what propels success.



We take pride in our work and are committed to outstanding customer service and quality. We strive for the highest standards, professionalism and accountability at every step. 



We build relationships based on trust, ethics and transparency. We always choose to do the right thing.  



We support learning, teamwork and growth. We celebrate diversity.

We work hard and have fun doing it!

We work hard and have fun doing it!


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